Contribution Guidelines

How to contribute to SOGNO

Thank you for your interest in contributing to SOGNO. This document explains our contribution process and procedures:

For a description of the roles and responsibilities of the various members of the SOGNO community, see the governance policies, and for further details, see the project’s Technical Charter. Briefly, Contributors are anyone who submits content to the project, Committers review and approve such submissions, and the Technical Steering Committee provides general project oversight.

If you just need help or have a question, refer to SUPPORT.

How to Contribute a Bug Fix or Change

To contribute code to the project, first read over the governance policies page to understand the roles involved.

Each contribution include..

SOGNO components are licensed under the Apache2 or MPL2 license. Contributions should abide by the license used in the respective component. New components should be licensed under the Apache2 license.

Project committers will review the contribution in a timely manner, and advise of any changes needed to merge the request.

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